Origins in Yatagan: The town of Yatagan in southwestern Turkiye has a storied history of knife production. "Yatağan Baba", whose real name is Osman, settled in the region where Yatagan (Town) Quarter of Serinhisar District of Denizli is located, during the Seljuk Period, when the Oguzs began to settle in Anatolia. According to legend, Yatagan Hacı Mehmet Efendi invented and produced knives there, lending his name to the distinctive Yataghan knives. Both the name of the settlement and the name of the Yatagan Sword come from Yatagan Baba. Yatagan Sword is a cutting weapon with a special mastery, which has a curved barrel, sharp and agile use in terms of its shortness. It has been produced since the 11th and 13th centuries.  Since knives are made with traditional methods such as quenching steel, forged with anvil and hammer in the workshops, they require special mastery. The town of Yatagan has become a knife making center where modern machines take part in production as well as traditional methods of centuries.

Ottoman Influence: Yatagan knives gained prominence during the Ottoman Empire. They were known for their exceptional craftsmanship and unique design, which combined a curved blade with a distinctive hilt.

Versatile Utility: Yatagan knives were not only ornate pieces but also practical tools. They were used for various purposes, including combat, everyday tasks, and as status symbols.

Influence Beyond Turkiye: The Yatagan knife's influence extended beyond Turkiye's borders, with its design becoming known as the 'Turkish sword' in other countries.

Cultural Heritage: Today, Yatagan knives hold a special place in Turkish culture and heritage. Skilled artisans continue to produce them, preserving traditional techniques and maintaining the legacy of Yatagan's craftsmanship.

In summary, our history of knife production in Yatagan, Turkiye, reflects centuries of skill and artistry. Our knives, known for their unique design and versatile utility, continue to be cherished as both cultural artifacts and functional tools.