N690 stainless steel is a high-end alloy steel made by Böhler, an Austrian steel manufacturer. It has a high carbon content of 1.07%, which makes it very hard and durable. It also has a high chromium content of 17%, which gives it excellent corrosion resistance. It is also used for making premium knives, surgical instruments, and marine applications.

Some of the features of N690 stainless steel are:

Hardness: It has a hardness of 58-60 HRC on the Rockwell scale, which is higher than most other steels. This means that it maintains an edge for a long time.

Toughness: It has a moderate toughness, which means that it can withstand some pressure and stress from tough applications without breaking or chipping. This is due to the presence of cobalt, which also improves the hardenability of the steel when heat-treated.

Wear resistance: It has a high wear resistance, which means that it is resistant to abrasion and erosion from friction and contact with other materials. This is because it contains other elements that contribute to wear resistance, such as molybdenum and vanadium.

Edge retention: It has a high edge retention, which means that it does not lose its sharpness quickly after use. This is because it has a high carbon content, which affects the formation of carbides that enhance edge retention.

In conclusion, N690 stainless steel is a very good steel for knives, especially for corrosion resistance. It has high hardness, edge retention, and wear resistance. Compared to other steels at the same price range, it is more competitive and offers superior performance.