Hand Made Camping - Hunting Knife ck 011

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You can engrave the name of your loved ones or nicknames on knives and make them happy . Also we can engrave animal pattern on blade.

Grip: Stabilized

Full Length: 31 cm

Barrel Length: 19.5 cm

Steel Wall Thickness: 4.5 mm

Steel Type: Damascus

Shipped with a Leather Case.


Damascus, also known as Damascus steel, is a steel that has been the subject of legends and stories throughout history. It emerged in the 6th century and is said to pierce armor with its hardness and split even a strand of hair that fell on it. Steel, which has an aesthetic appearance with its self-forming patterns, is a type that is on all steel types. Although it is possible to convert iron ore to the desired steel type by processing with certain techniques, such a method is not available in Damascus steel. Only by imitating certain methods can Damascus steel appear. Armies using war tools made of Damascus steel throughout history have instilled fear in others, and many empires have risen on the backs of damascus steel. Damascus steel, which comes from the past to the present as a craft passed down from father to son, requires great mastery at the production stage. It emerges by forging different steels hundreds of times.

Handle material: We use only natural materials such as walnut and olive trees for our handles. This is to ensure that our customers have safe handles.

Waterproof: Our Camp chef knife’s handle undergoes a special hardening process to ensure that they are waterproof. The handles will stay dry for a long time keeping the blade intact.

Perfect gift: The knives are a perfect gift for loved ones, groomsmen and friends who love camping, barbeques, etc. This hunting knife is a must for outdoor enthusiasts. Surprise your friend or relative by gifting them the handmade camping knife.

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