Hand Made Camping - Hunting Knife ck 170

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Grip: Stabilized Mazel

Full Length: 26.5 cm

Barrel Length: 14 cm

Steel Wall Thickness: 4.5 mm

Steel Type: Uddeholm Sleipner Steel

It is sent with a special leather case.


Uddeholm Sleipner is a high alloy tool steel with a very specific profile. It is also very suitable for all kinds of surface treatments. This combination means it is a versatile and classic tool steel for Uddeholm Sleipner. In East and Southeast Asian countries, Uddeholm Sleipner is sold as Assab 88.

Good wear resistance
Good hardness (> 63 HRC) after high temperature tempering
Good dimensional consistency in heat treatment
Good machinability and grindability
Good surface treatment properties
Good wear resistanceGood hardness (>63 HRC) after high temperature tempering
Good curing properties
Good dimensional consistency in useGood surface treatment properties

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