High Quality Handmade Folding Knife With Leather Sheath Gift For Men FK1003

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We can engrave your loved ones' name or logo on the knives. You can present personalized gifts to your loved ones on special days.

Grip: Micarta

Full Length: 19 cm ( 7.48 ınch)

Barrel Length: 8 cm ( 3.14 Inch)

Steel Wall Thickness: 3.5 mm

Steel Type: 4116 Stainless Steel

It is sent with its special cover.


4116 German steel was developed by the company that manufactured the Mavzer rifles. Since it has small grains compared to other steels, it gives better results than other steels in processes such as polishing and sandblasting. It has a 0.45% carbon ratio. It can have a hardness of up to 56 Hrc.

It has high corrosion resistance and it has been observed that it retains its sharpness longer than its equivalent steels. The 4116 German steel used in knives, medical equipment and machine parts has successfully passed the actual cutting tests.

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