Handmade Wolf Head Hunting Knife ck 006

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Total Length: 28.5 cm
Thickness: 4 mm
4116 Stainless Steel
Handle Walnut Wood
Mosaic Pin
Leather Sheath

We can make shapes like logo name soccer team crests
on steel.You can engrave your loved ones' name or nickname on knives and make them happy.

The art of blacksmithing, which is the memory of Yatağan Father, has been continuing since the village was established. Accordingly, the art of knife making has developed and work tools such as knives, pocket knives, axes, scissors and machetes are also made today. It is sent to every corner of the world and introduces the creativity of the "yatağan people" in the art of metal and the ancestral art that has been going on since history. The machetes identified with the name Yatağan entered the literature as "Yatağan". At the beginning of the 13th century, Osman Gazi's(First Ottoman Sultan) soldiers also manufactured it using their own craftsmen. It was used by his men instead of swords. The name of the machete is known as "yatağan machete" anywhere in Turkey.

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